February 28, 2002

Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2002 05:42:25 -0500
To: book@internettime.com
Subject: Organizational Story
Below is the result of your feedback form. It was submitted by
Rajesh A R /Upendra Deglurkar (rajeshar@sixthelement.info) on Thursday, February 28, 2002 at 05:42:23

trying: At LearningByte ( Prior to its take over by DigitalThink and birth of this group as SIXTH ELEMENT ),Our objective was to introduce innovative ways of marketing elearning product and services.The sales and Marketing in any elearning company was a blackbox,which ate into 40% of the total expenses. The mandate given to us was to ensure the same revenue flow with half the cost.

result: We migrated most of the sales and marketing process to India. Sales and Marketing Intelligence was developed in India and acted as a decision support system for the top Management to decide upon the market to target.Once the decision was made about the target geographic and selling market, Leads were generated and qualified by India Global Marketing Support team.These well qualified prospects were then delivered to the sales person in that geographic location based the type of prospect/Product.Depending upon the nature of competetion various competitor analysis and positioning ideas were given from the team in India.Inshort, there was no “cold calls”, All the calls were “warm calls”!. This literally reduced the sales cycle to half and increased the strike rate of the outside sales team. This was accomplished purely by the power of the Internet. The data was collected, researched and analysed from the Internet(both Public Domain sites and paid sites).The key to the su!
ccess of this model was the ability to eastablish relationship woth various people across the globe through various discussion forums, Email groups,chats etc . Over a period of three years we refined our deliverables on web interface and developed a very user friendly methodlogy which the sales guys on the field would refer before making the call. That time we hardly realised that this is going to be a ‘ELEARNING SALES/MARKETING OUTSOURCING ‘ and which can be spun off into a separate entity. But the take over of LerningByte by digital think has brought this into reality.

special: The Global marketing Support team ( Sunil Kandlikar, Upendra Deglurkar and Rajesh A R and others)moved out of LearningByte in the month of October(Post DigitalThink take over) to start off a SIXTHELEMENT (www.sixthelement.info ) a seperate corporate focussing on Business Process Outsourcing of Sales Intelligence.
The universe is made up of 5 elements, namely earth, water, air, ether and metal. We believe that the sixth element required for survival is INFORMATION and SIXTHELEMENT is any organisation’s outsourced information partner!!!.

okay: 1

position: Associate

company: SixthElement

informed: 1


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