February 28, 2002

Subject: Online Learning – Alive, Well and Vibrant
To: jaycross@internettime.com
Cc: TGalvin@trainingmag.com
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2002 13:15:19 -0600

Though you and I have never met, I have heard your name from many sources
and thought you had a reputation as being knowlegable in the market. So
it surprised me to learn that you would post incorrect information on your
website about one of the market’s leading publications. (#2 in
marketshare, only after Training magazine.) I would have expected a
natural curiosity on your behalf to discover the truth. If a RUMOR that
Online Learning magazine was folding doesn’t warrant a phone call before
posting on your website, how much other information on your website has
been validated?

I know Tammy Galvin has sent you messages both as email and voicemail
requesting an IMMEDIATE retraction of your message. I echo her request for
the change and strongly encourage you to check your facts in the future.


Stacey Marmolejo
Group Publisher
Training Magazine & Online Learning magazines

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