February 28, 2002

Subject: ceasing publication?!!–NOT
To: jaycross@internettime.com
Cc: SMarmolejo@trainingmag.com
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2002 12:48:47 -0600
You have a MOST glaring error on your website and it must be corrected
IMMEDIATELY. You have a line slashed through Online Learning Magazine and a
RIP date next to it. Jay, I can’t begin to tell you how much confusion this
has caused amongst our readers and advertiser community. FOR THE RECORD:
Online Learning Magazine has not altered its publication schedule in any
way, shape or form. Nor has Training Magazine.

However, we have combined our management, editorial and sales staffs into
one staff. This staff will continue to produce BOTH magazines as we have
done so for decades now!

I am hoping that you are checking your email as your voicemail said that
you are out of the country for some time. I would also hope that you will
be posting a correction on your site so that past visitors will be alerted
to this utterly erroneous information that you have posted.

Perhaps in the future, you should actually follow up on “rumors” you hear
with the appropriate people/companies. Any one of us could have told you
exactly what our plans are for both publications and staff members.

I would appreciate you contacting either me or our group publisher, Stacey
Marmolejo, at your earliest convenience, and rectifying this immediately.

Tammy Galvin
Executive Editor
Training Magazine & Online Learning Magazine
p: 612-340-4958

Training Magazine: 2001 Recipient of the FOLIO Gold Editorial Excellence


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