April 10, 2002

david sibbet and i met for lunch and conversation. i set out the basic structure of the eLearning Forum session. David walked me through a marvellous tour of what’s important in facilitation and the basic elements of a visual language. david’s going to tell the national semi story, prefaced with some slides of visuals in mapping, and followed with lessons learned. Kevin will provide intro. David will bring stuff, set up a demo table. i told david of my interest in his work. it’s time to tell the world. he’s interested but feeling down after seven negative cashflow months and only the last month for recovery. they have 24 employees, broken into two groups — consulting and products/training. david’s been thinking of opening a theatre space. i’ve got a copy of I See What You Mean and a video to review. he’s up for the CD idea.

after our session i drove out along the marin headlands and walked up hawk hill. saw the hawks! i’m coaxing buff jay to dedicate two hours/day on his bod.

read clark aldrich’s report on global learning, his six content archetypes. new shape of vendors. wrote clark thanks and congrats on a powerful paper.

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