April 14, 2002

I’ve got to cut people more slack. Something has made me distrusting of others.

Ten days ago I put a classified ad on the Well, offering our old patio furniture to anyone who will cart it away. One fellow offered to take the table, another the chairs. They were supposed to come by Thursday to pick them up. When I hadn’t heard from them by Sunday, I sent off a testy now-or-never email. This morning I received this email:

I’m sorry Jay but I’ve been having a medical emergency. I’ve been diagnosed with a tumor on a valve of my heart and was in the ER at Kaiser on Thursday with a rapid heartbeat of 130 bpm. They’re trying to find some time to schedule open heart surgery on me and I’m doing nothing more than laying around the house medicated. If you’ve got someone else who will take the chairs, go ahead and give them away. I’m going to be out of action for a good while, I think.

On Friday the Meta-Learning Lab was due to meet. Claudia L had put together a few fragments from here and there, suggesting that others fill in the blanks to create a description of our session at eLearning Forum. I was doubly pissed when she didn’t come through with a description of what she presented.

The daily headlines that the Israelis and Palestinians are at one another’s throats had triggered her traumatic memories of witnessing a suicide bombing in Jerusalem a while back. She’s been listening to music to get away from it.

Cocky Jay powers through, oblivious to the context and problems of others.

Of course, I still don’t know why Sherrin said she would call on Friday but never did.

Yesterday I finished up the Envisioning Learning paper for the web. I’m thinking of dicking around with Internet Time. Got to get ready for e-commerce.

Also need to straighten things up a bit in the chaotic office.


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