April 17, 2002

whoo-ee. life is going by faster than the journal can capture.

hp called this morning from amsterdam. i’ve been invited to help them think their human resources future. rachel says i’m the only consultant they’re talking with who operates at both the theoretical and practical levels. i’ll wheel in the mll, beyond, and the book.

cisco is very interested in a sim-cisco game that would teach router configuration.

bob horn has some mind-blowing concepts. he’s now a pal. he might want to partner on getting a new business off the ground.

david sibbet also has expansion plans although i’m getting the feeling that he has the problem of selling the paintings after the artist has gone. the hairdresser problem.

beyond eLearning is on track. i should have a merchant account in ten days, as well as a working webstore.

research for the book is kicking in. interviewed susan schwartz yesterday, peoplesoft tomorrow, and ibm the day after. this morning i want to kick off the direct email campaign to the top 100 training companies. i’m supplementing that with california companies and vendors. thank you, astd database.

i’m revising the front page of internet time to accommodate ecommerce and highlight recent stuff.

learning circuits finally published my blog article. i expect to get a lot of hits on my research blog.

and buff jay is lobbying for time.

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