May 9, 2002

yesterday i hiked up albany hill. upon my return i went across the creek to the ranch 99 market, an oriental supermarket that’s like a museum of exotic cookery, bundling together the cuisines of china, japan, indonesia, korea, the phillipines, viet-nam, and some i can’t identify. there’s more than 20′ of soy sauces. you can buy a whole durian (purportedly the stinkiest food on the planet), a can of jackfruit, a jar of fried gluten, live razor clams and geoducks, or octopus tenacles. this still didn’t prepare me for what i found among the frozen foods, “dried jew’s ear fungus.”

the book project marches on. the del monte guy i’d talked with wrote me that

    “We have never made it a requirement for a paycheck and doing so is a far different matter than working it into a performance evaluation.

    Your description of my being blunt is your opinion, of course, but I would say a better descriptor is that we have a simple, straightforward means for encouraging growth of our employees.

    Further, my alleged comments are now on the web being copied and circulated to unknown places. The sooner you correct them the better it will be.”

i’d written

    Del Monte’s Dale Bartley (manager of training and development, Del Monte Foods) was blunt in his approach to motivation: make eLearning a prerequisite to receiving a paycheck.

and with the wisdom of hindsight, i can see why dale would be bent out of shape.

lance and i need to come up with a title for our book. he suggests

    Implementing eLearning
    Here is How You Can
    . Apply Sound Change Management Principles
    . Leverage Proven Marketing Techniques
    . Ensure You Get the Results You Want

    OR …

    Implementing eLearning
    Here is How You Can
    . Apply Change Management Approaches
    . Leverage Marketing Techniques
    . Ensure Results


    Implementing eLearning
    Here is How You Can
    . Prepare Your Organization
    . Motivate Learners
    . Ensure Results

I’m thinking more along the line of:

    Here is how you can:

    Convert learners into raving fans
    Win executive support
    Boost shareholder value
    Discover the secrets of success
    Make it work
    Keep it vibrant
    Stay on target
    Improve over time
    Turbocharge performance

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