May 21, 2002

uta and i spent last week in chicago. i couldn’t access the net (except from the public library) so i’ve fallen behind with my journal and other online things. 650 emails awaited me upon my return.

lance has yet to send me anything more on the book. we just talked on the phone. he promises to send me what he’s got by the close of the day. final copy by the end of the week. but his attitude disturbs me. he says it’s not a top priority, he has little commitment to it, he is billing and doesn’t need it, i’m the one who wants to carry the book across the finish line. shit.

the beyond learning project is moving along. i produced a four-page brochure and passed it out at last night’s elearning forum. ecommerce is still buggy and i suspect brian thornton doesn’t know as much about this stuff as he puts on.

clark and i give the saba presentation tomorrow, so i must turn my energies to that this morning.


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