July 13, 2002

what will they think of next?

    We are 60,000 strong. . . we are dykes of all colors, dykes of all ages, dykes of all sizes, and dykes of all faiths. We are disabled dykes, femme and butch dykes, leather dykes, bi-dykes and trans-dykes. We are dykes on bikes and dykes with tikes, and we are dykes from all over the world.

    The SF Dyke March was created ten years ago as an alternative to the mainstream, male dominated, corporate orgies traditional Pride Parades have become. The Dyke March is a radical, feminist, celebration of of women-loving-women, of lesbians—past, present and future, of all dykes in our magnificent diversity. In the words of the late, great, Kris Kovick, the “Dyke March is the Mardi Gras of the clit.”


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