August 2, 2002

The world has changed a lot since I started writing The eLearning Jump Page.

Four years ago, information was scarce. A search engine might return twenty hits on “eLearning.” Most businesspeople were clueless about the web. You couldn’t find a list of best practices if your life depended upon it. ROI analysis was a matter of predicting that development costs would be less than travel savings. Managers expected the web to work miracles. Only a handful of us were offering advice and guidance to organizations.

Now there are more good sources of information on eLearning than anyone can keep up with. Instead of a couple of relevant trade shows, major events take place almost every month. Monthlly magazines are being replaced by daily blogs. Google finds more than a million pages on e-learning. Advice about eLearning, once rare, is becoming commonplace.

Pioneering appeals to me more than homesteading. While I’ll use what I’ve learned about learning for the rest of my days, I’m shifting my focus to new turf:

  1. visualization, graphic recording, prototyping strategy, promoting visual communications
  2. meta-learning, process improvement, longer-term thinking
  3. writing nonfiction for profit
  4. (perhaps), customer learning
  5. opening up new markets
  6. creative marketing

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