August 4, 2002

Thinking large this morning. When Eileen and I talked this morning, it’s apparent that she’s torn between being a contractor (work at IFTF has slowed to zilch) and being on her own. The concept of running an entity is behind her. I have to conceptualize my role and organizational preferences.

TIME & VISION. Peas in a pod. A Danish photographer emailed a compliment on my ersatz-Hockney photo collage of a telephone pole. He gave me a link to his work. Wow. He captured images of a square with people walking and such over time. What a great combination.

The power of vision is revision, seeing things from new perspectives. This usually connotes spacial. It could also be temporal. Dynamics. Space/time. That’s confusing enough that it could be a hit. What a meta!

Given the meta-learning framework, essentially the application of a systems perspective to solving problems, I’ll need to demonstrate the payback. It could come from a variety of areas:

  • Improving the flow of ideas among people, increasing understanding of relationships
  • Separating personalities from concepts, e.g. externalizing content
  • Gaining agreement through clarification
  • Conveying meaning via gestalt and grok
  • Enabling people to participate with one another in shaping thoughts
  • Providing a format for what-if exploration of scenarios
  • Automating draftsmanship and diagramming
  • Incorporating a macro library of visual concepts
  • Improving the understanding by right-brained, creative, non-numbers people
  • Accelerating gut-level communication, e.g. replacing the memo
  • Demonstrating an understanding of relationships

I need a real-world case to prove my point. Who would be a good partner for this? Talk it through with Bob Horn.

Also need to begin assembling my brain trust. Bob, David, Sherrin, Clark, Claudia, Jim Schuyler, Don Emery, John Seely Brown.


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