August 9, 2002

yesterday was a full day.

eileen and i talked about taking Visual Journalism forward. she wants to be able to focus on the field and not mess with overhead. she also feels a debt to david sibbet and the institute for the future. her proposal is that eileen and jay be partners at the center of a Visual Journalism+ ecosystem. we make decisions as they come, e.g. the split on big deals. we work with the grove, maybe IFTF, because they have an established reputation, a community, and good people. we work within the grove but don’t try to “fix the grove.”

  • for now, jay works on masie.
  • need to write up a what-is-it paper
  • eileen and i need to shake on it
  • need to categorize VJ and put it on my site
  • visual = part of meta? broader visual?
  • jay needs to intro self to IFTF

i talked with bill horton about beyond elearning. he gagged on it. wonderful logic but too theoretical. dense. a mouthful of fiber. definitely needs to be chunked. maybe i need to use it as a touchstone for conversations between ian, horton, jay, and others.

eilif and i talked before the eLF board meeting. is eLF meeting our personal goals? he waffles. I waffle. i point out that we can change things. drop the synchronous aspect. meetings could be quarterly. we could put more into the site and less into the f2f. eilif recalls that he does make contacts through eLF. peg, the bechtel fellow, etc.

the board meeting was effective. we agreed to be accountable for what we said we’d do. i have a healthy personal list of to-do’s. we must improve our service level, which entails improving remote delivery and recruiting/serving the user community. on marketing, i need to push alliances, articles, publicity; i’ll be getting alex’s help on this. rob and alex are going to should the burden of infrastructure.

peg and i had dinner at bistro vida. cisco is reorging worldwide training. don fields will move into marketing overall. anthony, perceived as a fast-track young ‘un, will be over operations. lyle, ever the bull in the china shop, wants to do services follow-up. lyle and brendan are getting advice from Chasm Group! mike metz has been neglected and stepped on by tom for a couple of years; mike’s probably bound for other spots, as may peg, who feels unappreciated. diane bauer is nominally in charge of heather cole’s workshop project; that’s a good place to keep it on hold.

peg notes that none of the cisco folks understand the human side of eLearning. it’s all hardware to them. there may be an opportunity here, but it’s no apparent who will make it happen.

    simcisco is a viable project but it would be rocky to get it through. cisco is used to vendors who overplay a demo. things always cost more than they should tom’s interest may be in the sims, more than in sim city. scenarios. OpNet has lots of this built out for cisco and pieces of that have been lopped off for training purposes. OpNet has such things as a drag & drop WAN. add the novell and microsoft pieces that are part of the same puzzle, and you get a more realistic representation of the real world environment.

    peg is a hard-working soul. ten hours a day. email and messages at home and after work. spends time with her 13-year old son while walking the dog at 10 pm or on the golf course on the weekends. she plans to take him to australia in a couple of years; i’ll send some photos.

i called heinrich at the masie center. proposed visual journalism. he said he’s already talking with mindjet. i told of differences. he sees a role in the discussion sessions that are more freeform. i mentioned other apps: after-event reports, etc. told him mindjet is a different deal. he doesn’t have a mindjet journalist. (could we do both?) also told him about book. promised to send him a paragraph on the book, a description of visual journalism. this is due within a week.

he asked about the LC blog. i mentioned adding people and comments sections.


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