August 16, 2002

this afternoon i drove down to sacramento street in berkelely for my first appointment with dr. wu. my friend claudia l’amoreaux recommended him. dr. wu’s chinese but also very berkeley. obviously a brilliant and sensitive man, he has studied eastern medicine and western psychology, and teaches integration of the two at san francisco state.

after talking a few minutes, he began to ask about my breathing. he said he’d been breathin in sync with me; it was so uncomfortable that he had to look out the window and stop. “do you always slouch like that?” he told me he told he could help me with my sleep apnea. what would help me with “chi go.”

dr. wu led me through five exercises — rowing forward, rowing backward, walking in place with arms circling forward & then back, and finally reaching for the sky, bending down, and coming back around. “isn’t this Tai Chi?” no, that would involve martial arts — even the tai chi masters don’t teach that part to their own people. i’m to do these at lest twice a day (ten minutes a shot).

there are two approaches to this — dao and buddhist. dao goes top to bottom and back. buddhism follows a similar path, expanding each chakra as it goes. it doesn’t make much difference –they all end up at the top.

dr. wu had my lie on a padded table. he pressed a spot between my eyes and another on my chin. my lungs opened up and pulled in air. it was if an invisible force took over. wu continued the massage of pressing and poking, after which i felt quite relaxed.

i’m going to give this a two-month shot. once a week. $85 a visit.

it would be wonderful if i can loosen up, improve my breathing, relax, AND fix the apnea without machines, drugs, or knives.

this is in line with my belief that you go with what’ sgood local. in st. emillon, you drink red wine. in berkeley, if you get into slo-mo exercise, relaxation, mindfulness, and personal transformation.

i went to picdilly market, the former wild oats. it’s still a health food store. i picked up a yoga magazine and a copy of pychology today on making personal change. also some ersatz cheese, eco-vine zinfandel, some organic cherry tomatoes, and a package of whole-grain wasabrot.

workwise, i finished a re-do of the DNA of eLearning paper and rejiggered my site to show it off. next steps are to get ahold of my customers and reviewers to see how they feel about things. is it cosmetic?


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