August 20, 2002

A typical morning. Outlook Express finds 156 emails have arrived since midnight last night.

The morning’s NYT as an entire section on sustainability. Our species are short-term thinkers. We’ve been talking sustainability for ten years but not doing much about it.

On my other machine, I’m converting Sam Adkins’ presentation with Impacta. This will be very cool if it works, something I’ll use personally as well as for the Forum. I started with a 25 MB narrated PowerPoint, about 30 minutes of voice recorded from a speakerphone. Impacta compressed the file to 3.8 MB!

I sense the need for a personal, confidential jump page. Combine it with Journal? Ephemera?

Several opportunities today. Jim Schuyler needs marketing. He got his doctorate same time and place as Bob Johansen. * * * Then it turns out that Sam Adkins needs a market for his written research. Brandon has been paying him a 40% royalty, has no marketing support, can’t even find time to write a preface for the reports, and expects to get $1500 for them. Sam’s written a U.S. Market Outlook (October ’01), Simulations (Feb), Mobile (Feb), and Accessiblity. All are $1500. The Outlook sold but the Mobile has only sold two copies. The Sim report sells 1-2 a month. Sam sent me a list of tentative reports….


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