August 25, 2002

Information architecture?

Telling myself that I’m working on the Information Architecture for a new Internet Time Group, I fear that the monkey-mind has taken control fo things. I’ve been looking at new ISPs — I’m outgrowing Interland’s size limits and they are going toward monthly billing, taking off the handcuffs, so to speak. For what I’m paying for Internet Time alone, I could take care of all my storarge needs. Alternatively, I could become a reseller and buy/sell at 50% discounts off of retail. Put the store in the store, so to speak.

ROI = Return on Inspiration?

Pondering cost/benefit analysis (I’d use “ROI” but want to avoid traditional accounting definitions for the moment), I see a couple of things that are out of kilter. One is the systems theory approach that shows that you can’t evaluate systemic outcomes by dealing exclusively with a sub-system. Another, which calls for the development of new metrics, is that the common devisor of time and motion study is simply wrong. Output per unit of time or per intangible expenditure is inappropriate, for the potential for ideation is infinite — it’s no longer the constraint. How should we account for inspiration? What’s the replacement for the stopwatch?

Price is a function of value

This is tied to my contention that the fee for my services should relate to the value received by the customer, not my expenditure of time and effort. Otherwise, my prep-time and prior learning are valued at zero. Upside is also skewed. If you’re manufacturing, say, rubber ducks, the items coming off the production line are all the same. They’re interchangeable. Not so ideas, where a great one is worth more than a million mediocre ones.

Bob Horn & the greatest improvement

In a high-level meeting on information management, everyone was asked for the one thing that could do the most to improve communication and understanding throughout the world. Bob replied, “Put a title on every paragraph.” Hence, I’m experimenting with tagging the paragraphs in this post.


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