August 27, 2002

Had lunch with John Seely Brown (“John”) in Southpark today. Good session. He’s aware that I think the world needs graphic communications, that I’ve taken up causes IRL couldn’t pull off, and that the Meta-Learning Lab needs projects.

His direction is to (1) figure out how Toyota learns so phenomenonally well, (2) help Argyris implement double-loop learning after 40 years with no clients, and (3) investigate why corporations inevitably die.

Part of the failure with IRL was the “free ride” problem. Xerox sales training was the classic. After you invest in people’s learning, they go to the highest bidder. However, since sales people are paid for performance, their pay is less an issue. This, and not threatening the C&C structure, nailed IRL. I would have said “No marketing” but I have the luxury of distance.

I broached the idea of an article — love to co-author — and introduced the work of Bob Horn.

Did I know Marilyn Whalen? Good work with call centers?

Sketching out the information architecture of the new Internet Time while waiting for John to show, I tried to put myself in the customers’ (and prospects’) shoes.

    I have certain project areas, e.g. envisioning, meta-learning, Beyond eLearning, customer eLearning, ERP+eLearning, eLearning how-to, time, etc.

    For each area, I have content in the form of articles, links, white papers, opinions in blogs, and archives.

    Customers (and prospects) interact with this material in that they can: inquire, read, share, request, refer, buy, link, or join. These functions are delivered via BBS, webpages, the shopping cart, and membership.

    Time is on my side (yes it is!) A new product concept came from this: the Ex


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