September 2, 2002

“Spherical Dynamics”

You have completed the Assessment Process

Here is the analysis of your learning preferences. Please review carefully.

Your learning style is the most paradoxical. Your energy focus can flow into a “Concluder” or a “Synthesizer” process with ease; yet, the two processes are diametrically opposite. This means that your thinking can be holistic, associative and creative as well as concise, categorical and concrete. So, you may bounce back and forth with how you want to first approach any learning.

You strive to be the best, no matter what the personal costs are or how long it takes. That’s because you are a high achieving learner who constantly compares your accomplishments with other peoples’. Give you an assignment and you’ll effectively work it into a high grade, even if it means you’ve been procrastinating while thinking about the big, ever-changing picture until the last minute.

You are the ultimate, “RESULTS” driven person who also can be idealistic. However, you’re enough of a pragmatic tactician who knows that learning is necessary to accomplish your life’s goals and knowledge enhances your scope of control and authority. Finish this project and move on to the next one until you’ve created a string of successes. Don’t look back too often and carry unnecessary baggage. Then, nothing will stop you.

Even though you are a creative, big picture type of thinker, in the end, “less is more” with you. Therefore, the best way for you to memorize and learn information is to “keep the associations and categories in a nutshell”. In other words, when it comes down to last-minute studying, you want brief, to the point outlines or bullets without unnecessary details or facts that confuse the issues. The older you are and the more times you’ve become aware of your processes, the more you are patient and trusting of them. That’s because you know your previous results consistently have met your high expectations.

To summarize, you are a independent, option oriented and creative thinker who can focus your energy-flow in very concise, realistic ways to achieve learning at the highest level of achievement. You just have to trust in your processes and keep your achievement goals in the foreground.

By the way, this paradoxical learning style is the one that most entrepreneurs have. They find new, optional ways to understand the world and then they directly put their creative vision into pragmatic, directed action.

Using the Analyzer’s style of learning can create stress for you. Yes, you can use it for short periods of time as a learning or production tool. But, the longer you use it, the more stressed you become. Your energy-focus, which accesses this particular learning process, may be blocked sometimes. It’s as if you have a blind spot in this part of your learning repertoire. You just don’t like to have to use it as a primary tool for learning. The following is what may create stress for you if used for more than short time periods:

Reaching a conclusion about learning only based on thinking logically
Using only factual assumptions to reach detailed conclusions about learning
Always being skeptical about your facts, thinking or learning processes
Not expressing your opinions until they demonstrate an impeccable rationale
Persistently asking the question, “Why?” and thoroughly examining the answers

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