September 3, 2002

Lessons from ActiveEducation’s site

Internet Time still shows its beginnings as a reference site. Essentially, it’s annotated links with things I’ve written stuffed here and there.

By comparison, Active Education is minimalist. Few distractions.

    The white papers are short, sweet, and to the point. I need a white paper stylesheet.

    I like the way the teasers lead directly to the papers.

    The page design is quite clean. Simple. Navigation shows the skeleton of the design. I could do this as a gloss over the over Internet Time reference material.

    The “sign up for free information” is well done. Inviting. Better than sending people off to bCentral.

    Main nav menu is horizonal across every page: Home : Demo : Support : News : Partner : About Us : Contact Us

    Services menu is vertical atop every page: Higher Ed : Individual : Custom Courseware

    Contact Us is in one place, linked from every page. Not repeated everywhere.

    Bottom nav contains large Contact Us, smaller Site Map | Privacy | Copyright

    Design is clean. No superfluous lines.

Jumping into creating a few pages of the new Internet Time yesterday was good to bring me into the issues.

Rather than weeding through pages, paring away the bad stuff, perhaps I should go at it from the other direction. It’s all Leftovers & Oldies. From those I pluck the great stuff to pass along.

This has be thinking back to the metaphor of ancient cities, one built atop another. How deep should I go?


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