September 9, 2002

It’s about 5:45 pm and I’m reflecting on what I did and didn’t accomplish during the day. I followed up with Siebel, Global English, Tri-Learning, and a few others. I emailed Wayne about getting on the Masie agenda. I finally got impatica to work and uploaded a new demo. I made appts with Hu and Greene. I doctored up the navigation of the eLF website.

pointedly, i didn’t talk with other people very much.

uta is having supper with austino in the city. i’ve shifted out to the living room. investigative reports is reporting on the collapse of the world trade center. jesus. they are showing a computer simulation of the hole in the building and the spread of the fires inside. the 767 clipped 2/3 of the supporting columns on one side. the people inside the tower have no clue what’s going on.

i am uploading the new internettime site to the http://www.meta-time.com site. i need to see if it works. and if it doesn’t. at this point, BFD.

perhaps i should continue my personal journal on movable type. i like being able to easily edit a past topic. instead of being almost entirely chronological, i could have a mix of topics and diary entries.


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