September 17, 2002

Reading a piece by Clay Shirky about community-building and media companies. Just got back from a discussion on campus about blogging and journalism. This morning’s New York Times had a piece on Steven Pinker and misreadings of nature/nuture to further ideological stands. Conducted a meeting discussing how to meld games and sales training.

Challenging Mass Media and Society
Weblogs have received a lot of press lately, and journalism Weblogs are proliferating. Are Weblogs rejuvenating public discussion?. Are they an alternative to mass media? Join us in a discussion with:

Rebecca Blood
Author of “The Weblog Handbook” and creator of Rebecca’s Pocket, one of the first-wave Weblogs.

Dan Gillmor
San Jose Mercury News Technology Columnist and author of Dan Gillmor?s eJournal Weblog

Meg Hourihan
Co-author of “We Blog: Publishing Online with Weblogs,” co-founder of Blogger.com, and creator of megnut.com, one of the earliest weblogs

J.D. Lasica
Online Journalism Review Senior Editor and author of the New Media Musings Weblog

Scott Rosenberg
Salon Managing Editor and creator of Scott Rosenberg?s Links & Comments Weblog

“Clothing manufacturer Levi Strauss is gearing up to launch a pair of trousers with an “anti-radiation” cell phone pocket, prompted by customers’ concerns about the possible health risks of mobile phone use. Company officials confirmed to ZDNet UK on Thursday that its forthcoming Dockers S-Fit men’s trousers will include a cell phone pocket with a “radiation-reducing” lining. Levi’s claims that this lining “might reduce” any adverse health effects from mobile phones–even though scientists have not yet found firm proof that cell phone use is dangerous.”



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