September 28, 2002

for the generic.com proposal

Six Sigma is evolving. Born in the manufacturing bays of Motorola, this statistical quality improvement technique worked wonders at the operational level, cutting costs and reducing business cycle times. But, for top companies, the new strategic Six Sigma is proving to be just as indispensable. Whether CEOs use it to drive revenue growth or systematic, sustainable culture change, the potential of Six Sigma has profound implications for leadership teams.

Authors Dick Smith and Jerry Blakeslee guide you through the process of Strategic Six Sigma implementation. Along the way, you’ll gain a better understanding of the cultural requirements for successful transformation.

The introduction of strategic Six Sigma principles and work practices requires rigorous training beyond the statistical and analytical principles. Smith and Blakeslee break down the introduction into seven modules:

* Executive awareness
* Champion simulation
* Alignment of Six Sigma implementation to business strategies
* Infrastructure development
* Introduction to business process management
* Voice of the market and customer
* Selection and development.

Yet, throughout the training runs a constant thread: Leaders can’t stop communicating the urgency of change.

from SkillSoft/SmartForce page
> Gain Competitive Advantage
> Drive Business Transformation
> Launch Products Faster
> Improve Customer Loyalty
> Increase Productivity
> Reduce Costs
> Retain Employees
> Ramp New Hires Faster
> Increase Job Satisfaction
> Eliminate Knowledge Gaps
> Educate Extended Enterprise
> Train Globally, 24/7

> Engaging, instructionally-effective content
> Wide-variety of learning methods
> Section 508 accessibility compliance
> Real world simulations
> Task-based learning
> On-the-job performance support
> Resource-intense environment
> Constructive assessment
> Valuable feedback
> Just-in-time, just enough learning
> Delivery on demand

e-Learning Solutions
> Award-winning courseware, simulations and ReferenceWare
> 24×7 online mentoring
> Proven instructional methodology
> Largest e-Learning content library
> Open Standards-compliant architecture
> Interoperability
> Learning management
> Hosted Internet/intranet solutions
> Committed professional services and customer support
> Implementation and integration expertise
> Cost-effective, highly-scalable web deployment
> Largest localized library
> 300,000 learning objects


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