September 29, 2002

Today is the “How Berkeley Can You Be?” parade day. I plan to go and photograph the more outrageous elements.

I’ve just finished > half an hour dorking around with the Blog coding. This is a case of tweak, tweak, tweak. It reminds me of learning HTML with “View Source.” I enjoy it. It’s especially rewarding, since changes to the style cascade throughout hundreds of pages of blog.

From eLearning Forum. Jim Schuyler brought up seeing kids on a street corner waiting for a bus, pecking instant messages to one another. Kids at parties send messages to people at the party and friends not there. Which is the real party, the f2f event or the virtual?

Tom Malone’s thesis, “Welcome to the Next Level,” found the attention-grabber in gaming is a fine line between frustration and boredom. Keep me excited but don’t lose me.

Claudia Welss said that being on the panel called for “Thinking on Demand.” Storytelling.

Before Stefaan and Andreas came to Anaheim, their issue was Docent as a straightjacket. How should they proceed?

The three areas where Stefaan’s wheels are turning are
1. a more expansive definition of eLearning — whatever it takes
2. motivation — how to draw them in
3. b2c — how? and how to imbed continuous improvement

I told the story of TiVo buying their enthusasts’ website. Stefaan: FuckNokia.com

A huge issue for Nokia will be the overlap between marketing and learning.

“Program your phone” stands could replace lemonade stands as the ten-year-old’s first business.

Stefaan: Back to the drawing board.

Put http://www.nokiahow-to.com on the back of the phones.

the proper metric is how many phones we sell.

Info paradigm, not classroom paradigm.

eLearning rode in with eBusiness. the dot-com bubble has burst.

eLearning failing? ILT was not so hot either. everyone diddling with their laptops.

working on the presentation for Kevin’s class & using it to shape up my thinking on what’s important in eLearning


I owe Ian $18.


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