September 30, 2002

“This book is a balanced, honest look at the realities of achieving what e-learning promises, but seldom delivers. Implementing E-Learning offers lessons from the “trenches” that can boost your chances of success by focusing your attention on the well constructed implementation strategy the authors provide.”

Daryl R. Conner

“Strategy, marketing and implementation are key to a successful deployment
of e-Learning. I am pleased to see a new book that addresses the nitty
gritty of how to actually implement e-Learning in an organization. The
authors come from the trenches of learning development and deployment and
share with their readers practical and useful perspectives that will save
dollars and headaches.”

Elliott Masie, The Masie Center

for TechLearn:

Implementing e-Learning: Getting The Most From Your e-Learning Investment
Lance Dublin , Lance Dublin Consulting
Jay Cross , Internet Time Group

Some companies get more bang for their e-Learning buck than others. These companies have integrated proven techniques and approaches from change management and consumer marketing into an effective implementation plan. Under performers generally fail to appreciate that e-Learning is more than simply another new technology. It is often a significant change requiring new ways of learning and working, new relationships, new frameworks and priorities. Jay Cross and Lance Dublin are the co-authors of the new ASTD book, “Implementing e-Learning” (being released at TechLearn). Come:

  • learn what has worked and what hasn?t
  • hear the horror stories of e-Learning gone astray
  • learn how winners are applying a comprehensive framework for implementing e-Learning successfully
  • find out how to become one of the stellar companies that maximizes its return on their e-Learning investment

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