October 1, 2002

i finished prep for kevin’s class tomorrow evening (although it would be nice to hear back from kevin with answers to my questions.)

tomorrow richard clark is here to go over the capture and distribution of the last eLF. i’ll probably try to recruit him for the team.

the most promising activity today was talking with david gray about marketing his stuff. this can ride on the visual learning center concepts.

yesterday was quite fun. walking along the beach at bodega bay. shooting the shit with eileen and sherrin. eileen is more of a scattered artiste than i’d bargained on. sherrin can be a pisser but has her moments of brilliance. she has done some impressive work. seafood platter at station house cafe in point reyes station was yummy, too.

this morning i finished drafting the “two cultures” paper. it’s not quite as stunning as i expected. i’m going to send it to nokia and perhaps shoot for publication in learning circuits.

for elearning, i’ll push the graphics stuff. maybe get an illustration from david gray.

clark sent me his proposal draft for feedback. jesus. Red Alert. it makes no sense to me. nor do i warm up to the Quest game. we may need to bring in some emergency assistance to make this one fly. i called and emailed tom today asking to speak with some cisco reps.


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