October 6, 2002

Notes on the Visual Learning Process

Phase 1 pre-meeting
interview SMEs, stakeholders — front-end analysis
analyze audience
become familiar with issues and terminology
perhaps prepare templates
need question set
think through likely interactions, attitudes
outline desired outcomes, learning objectives

Phase 2 real time
interpret meeting dynamics and content graphically. draw process and content map
facilitate interactions — reflection, externalized issues, mental prototyping, what-ifs, nonlinear analysis
keep participants on same page
perhaps partner with meeting leader
important that graphics be visible during the session (unlike at eLearning Forum)

Phase 3 post meeting
reflection and refinement, synthesis
revise and polish graphics
publish or post as web page, power point, booklet
collaborate with client to maximize impact
perhaps issue guidance for dissemination & pass-along

What are high-value problems to solve?
Where might we find them?

Shows, e.g. TechLearns, good for us in publicity & generating leads, good for them — more sharing
Strategic change — understanding and rapid deployment of (National Semi story)
Acculturation — post merger, downsizing, transformation — cascades throughout organization
Major initiative, perhaps in league with major consulting firm — organizational learning

Internet Time Advantages
focus on learning outcomes
rapid organizational development
customer-driven output


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