October 24, 2002

last night i completed drafting the cisco proposal and sent off the copy for xplain’s graphic in T+D magazine. i find that i’m quite negative these days. kevin hasn’t done the survey he promised three months ago. eileen hasn’t responded to my emails. sherrin is incommunicado. ryann ellis has disappeared on me. i have no business plan. yuck.

looking at xplane’s xblog, i realize that i have a lot further to go on formatting my own blog. that should be fun. and rewarding. maybe coordinate the static topic pages and blog topics.

now i need to hit the showers in order to see dr hu at noon.
* * * that was relaxing. i have to be more aware of my breathing.
I think i have waking apnea. i sometimes get so wrapped up in
things that i forget to breathe. i’ve caught myself doing this
while watching t.v., generally when my mind is elsewhere.

i’d gotten really pissed at eileen but she and i just talked. she says wayne/elliott did not want me involved. perhaps they viewed me as competition? i find that hard to imagine although maybe it’s the case. then i find that eileen didn’t sell the full package — there’s no web follow-up. she’s going to have to sell this idea if i’m persona non grata.

interrupt. talked with eileen at great length. she was freaked about passing out internet time cards at tech learn; didn’t want to be affiliated with me. it would appear that she doesn’t know what she wants. i asked her to call back tomorrow to tell me what she’d like to see on a card if she intends to have one.

just called sherrin. where is she on completing the graphics for the learning object symposium? i left a message that i was miffed about this. for the sake of my sanity, i can’t work with this woman. too unreliable.


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