November 2, 2002

while wandering up albany hill today, i hit on the idea of time as opportunity cost. perhaps not a new concept, but one that i haven’t played with. the value of time is the value it could otherwise be generating. the minute the fellow spends hitting the boiler is a $10,000 minute because that’s what the market must bear.

also thought about best of jay, a compendium of past observations on learning and performance. maybe a subscription, licensed to an individual. pdf. follow-ups.

blogging ahead, i need to keep a personal blog and a professional blog. the former will be experimental, the latter more polished.

it’s uta’s birthday. we supped at a charming neighborhood italian ristorante, paletino in bernal heights, and retired to austin’s pad for champagne.

i’ve been thinking about age lately. i’m into a new phase. there’s not as much time left. i want to banish trivia and make my mark. simple. beautiful. doing what counts. it’s a new dawn.


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