November 3, 2002

eileen and I met for 3.5 hours in san rafael today. we are not on the same wavelength. she is not interested in growing a company. she wants exclusivity and doesn’t understand that’s not good for customers. and the major dealbreaker, she doesn’t trust me. our correspondence after the meeting:

    HI Jay,

    Thanks for the note and the meeting today which was productive if difficult (important things are never easy….) Also thank you again for “seeing” my work and bringing me opporrtunity.

    I think what we are doing is fine for our first phase. It is fine to have multiple images on Internet Time Group – that is your site and I appreciate having that as a home until I/we figure out what will be a permanent home for my work and as I said I would want my own illustrations in “my home”.

    To restate: I am committed to sharing 20 percent of whatever work comes my way from Tech Learn over the next few months as we explore how we will work together. We will talk at each phase of negotiatons for coaching and investigating what each of us brings to each potential project. We will look at each on a case by case basis. We will be aware that this is a time of change and are committed to talking about whatever comes up along the way so we can learn from one another and how/why the boundary changes of our relationship. You will try to bring me in to projects that come your way. I will bcc you on correspondences emerging from Tech Learn. Yes I will TRY to be systematic in record-keeping about marketing but would appreciate your keeping an eye on the bouncing ball as well (-:

    Let me know how I should proceed with e-Learning guild!

    Hope you can come to my birthday party Sat. I’ll send details along — lure Uta with tennis courts! I might hit some with her (she would kill me but I am a good sport…)


    —– Original Message —–
    From: Jay Cross
    To: eclegg@iftf.org
    Sent: Sunday, November 03, 2002 4:05 PM
    Subject: Representation and exclusivity


    I just looked back through the Visual Learning Center on my site. I’d thrown things together so rapidly I couldn’t remember precisely what was up there. Of five examples in the “Gallery,” you are featured in four of them. The remaining image is the Grove’s, from a project you worked on.

    Magazine stories aren’t supposed to be commercial, but the eLearning Magazine story features a picture of you and the example of TechLearn. The article for T+D doesn’t tout anyone, for I know them well enough to know they’d delete or genericize any names I put in. Links from both articles go back to the Visual Learning Center, which features primarily you and has your email on the front page.

    The names mentioned on the site are:

    Eileen Clegg, Internet Time Group
    Jay Cross, Internet Time Group
    Dave Gray, XPLANE
    Nigel Holmes, Explanation Graphics
    Robert E. Horn, MacroVU
    Scott McCloud, Understanding Comics
    David Sibbet, The Grove Consultants
    Edward Tufte, Graphics Press

    I would have thought you’d enjoy being placed in such company. At this point, you ARE the only talent being represented on Internet Time.

    Yes, I’m going to include the XPLANE graphic, because I think it’s useful to explain the concept. Also, I don’t think XPLANE’s work (in the studio) competes with yours (on the spot). I think the graphic they did clarifies things for customers and prospects. It can help them understand what you do. You know my fixation with putting customers first. Does it serve our customers to act like there’s only one source of “functional art?”

    I’ll admit that I don’t understand your sensitivity to being in the proximity of the work of others. Picasso hung his work next to Braque’s. If memory serves me right, Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, and Claes Oldenburg had the same agent and hung in the same gallery.

    Clearly, we have some things to work out, but for the next month, I think we can successfully play it by ear, doing things informally.

    Good luck with all those phone calls! Feel free to call me if you hit any obstacles. I’ll tell you what, if anything, transpires with Steven Lowe.

    i’ve probably already overinvested in this area and need to minimize my involvement while i get other activities up and running.

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