December 7, 2002

my scratchpad journal, ephemera, has proven true to its name. i just uploaded itimegroup to my new ISP, wiping out any blogs i’d stowed there. geez.

http://www.jjg.net/ia/ is jesse james garrett’s great info architecture page.

Travel is great but so is settling in back home. My desk and floor are covered with magazines, papers, gadgets, business cards, notes, guide books, Euros, and souvenirs. My computer is loaded with unread email, bugs to fix, messages demanding a reply, and half-finished projects. And I haven’t even started shopping for Christmas gifts.

the web is sprouting some truly great stuff. i was just sampling the SXSW awards at http://2002.sxsw.com/interactive/web_awards/winners.php
Training should be so good.

News of the day is that the Secretary of the Treasury has been sacked. Not a surprise. Other news is that United Air Lines is bankrupt, and US Air’s creditor has threatened to sell it for scrap. After the flush years of the Clinton administration, today’s sick economy makes the Republicans look like oafs. Add the fact that the Bush presidency is known for only one thing: WARMONGERING. Time for a diverting Treasury Secretary. Perhaps Charles Schwab.


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