December 19, 2002

It is a gray, rainy day, and I’m debating whether or not to trek down to the IRS office in Oakland. Christmas is nearly upon us, so I need to find some stocking stuffers, too.

Recapping the year financially looks downright pitiful:

Avaltus, $2500
Nokia, $10000
HP, $3000
Wiley, $200
Eileen, $1500
Beyond eLearning, $1800
JanR $100
TOTAL Consulting $15,900

Farm $30412 – $3808 commission
Hunting Licence fees $424.65

Annual Report for 2002

What else have I accomplished?

1. wrote Implementing eLearning and got it published
2. presented at ASTD, TDF, TechLearn, Online Learning, eLearning Guild, Online Educa
3. gained expertise in visual learning, set up Center, got Eileen to TechLearn
4. major win on first true consulting engagement, Nokia
5. met David Sibbett, Bob Horn, Doug Engelbart, John Seely Brown,
6. led eLearning Forum sessions, esp visual, meta, marketing
7. http://www.internettime.com hit 1000 visitors in a day
8. set up the store
9. proposed major engagement to Cisco
10. joined board of French company
11. led family meeting on land
12. travel to Guatemala, Paris, Berlin, Australia, N’Orleans, Vegas,
12 set up Moveable Type, met Ev

Read Hoot, 22 Immutable Laws of Branding, Churchill, Clear Sky, Illustrating Computer Documentation, What Management Is, Information Architecture, Mammals of Australia, Australia’s Living Heritage, In a Sunburned Country, the haiku anthology, The Wealth of Knowledge, Small Pieces Loosely Joined, Wanderlust, Gonzo Marketing, Mapping Hypertext, Antigua, When the Going Gets Weird, Kotler on Marketing, Small Pieces Loosely Joined.

Led or set up presentations on meta-learning, envisioning learning, marketing eLearning, learning objects, etc.

Sicily? New Zealand?


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