rethinking Jay’s information ecology

July 30, 2004

when the web was young, i posted categorized lists of useful links. the web was young. google, yahoo, and alta vista were yet to be dreamed up. simply finding sites to look at was a chore, so lists helped.

in short order, web users became more sophisticated, sites proliferated, and i shifted to keeping pages of links with commentary. when there was a gap, i’d happily jump in to fill it.

in the late nineties, my goal was to maintain a collection of the best and most comprehensive resources on my fields of interest, primarily adult learning, but also psychology, design, and cognitive science.

more and more useful sources of information popped up. maish nichani’s elearningpost pointed to new items every day! in 2000, i began putting more time into my blog than my reference pages. echoing my belief that soon is more important than thorough, at some point, i rearranged my home page, devoting 2/3 to my blog and squeezing everything else into a narrow strip alongside.

this material could use from weeding out. one needs a foundation, but after that, the good stuff comes floating down the blog-stream or on the web.


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