Genericorp, Outsourcing

August 29, 2004

Driving High-Performance Outsourcing: Best Practices from the Masters
Discover the Seven Rules for Outsourcing Success

This new global study highlights a veritable “how-to” guide for high performance outsourcing. Experienced outsourcers developed and refined techniques for managing outsourcing arrangements for maximum business results. Highlights include:

* Seventy four percent use “business outcomes” to measure performance.
* Sixty one percent say outsourcing helps their companies perform better.
* Seventy four percent are satisfied with their outsourcing experience.

Seven Best Practices from the Masters

1. Build in Broad Business Outcomes Early and Often: Incorporate business outcomes as a performance measure from the outset of the arrangement.

2. Hire a Partner, Not Just a Provider: Look for an outsourcing provider that brings a wide set of skills and strengths, and a long-term track record of delivering results, in addition to competitive pricing.

3. It’s More Than a Contract, it’s a Business Relationship: Give as much attention to performance measurement and the quality of your relationship with your provider as you do to the contract.

4. Leverage Gain-Sharing: Use risk/reward provisions as incentives for higher performance outsourcing.

5. Use Active Governance: Use active governance to manage the outsourcing relationship for maximum performance.

6. Assign a Dedicated Executive: Task your talented executives with the mission of optimizing your outsourcing arrangements.

7. Focus Relentlessly on Primary Objectives: Be clear about objectives—cost, process improvement and the ability to focus on the core business are the most common among outsourcing veterans.


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