September 15, 2004

What is seedwiki?

seedwiki is what you make of it. It can be your family sharing stuff without fear of spam. A collaborative business intranet. Your community planning a new recreation center. A space for friends to talk about your favorite team. A group of professionals doing a project together.

There are no boundaries or restrictions. People all over the world have created thousands of seedwiki sites of every kind. Some have grown to more than a thousand pages; others are just a few pages.

You can think of a seedwiki site as a website that works like a shared pad of paper. You can let anyone write on any page and add new pages, or you can keep it to a small group. Wiki technology was invented by Ward Cunningham in 1995. It took a while for people to get used to something so free, simple and powerful. But now, Wikipedia, a wiki-based encyclopedia created collaboratively on the web, has over 200,000 articles.

seedwiki – it’s the simplest way ever to create and collaborate on the web.


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