David Weinberger at Training Fall

October 22, 2004


Agora: How to determine what to believe? Plato: Knowledge is justified by belief. Craft and politics… Reduced to things irreducible to logic. Middle Ages: thru faith. Then math. Then Descartes. Knowledge has consistently shrunk. Anorexic knowledge: so thin, has nothing to do with our life.

Knowledge is not a thing. You can’t move it from one place to another. KM – revert to Plato’s problem. What’s the info worth having?

Everything you need to know about metadata.

Friendster. Is Marc your friend? [Yes] [No] Need a slider or a drop down box.

List of books. Or interests. We don’t define ourselves that way until we must make things explicit.

A boy and his washing machine. Opinion site more credible than Kenmore’s page. (Cluetrain echo). Far away from Cogito ergo sum. This is imbedded in the context.

Knowledge. Like a neighbourhood. When someone new moves in, the community changes minutely.

Blogs & wikis. 5-10 million blogs. Nice montage of blogs. Blogs are conversations. ]

Wiki. Edit this page.


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