Starting out fresh

October 22, 2004

Radical situations call for bold action.

The performance of my new PC has been degrading over the last month. My internet permissions are so screwed up that I can’t upload files to my own site. My fond hopes of installing a worry-free, easy-to-use workspace online have turned to shit. I intend to restore this system to its original configuration and rebuild it from the ground up. Hence, I’m documenting this on the web. Soon my hard drive will be sanded down to bare metal.

When it comes back on line, I’m going to name this IBM X40 laptop “Watson,” after the family that created IBM out of an industrial-age time-card company. From punching people in to mindware–what a trip.

Bye for now.

Hoorah! I am back online. I’m hoping my Registry is back to normal and that I haven’t firewalled myself off the web again. It’s so nice to be connected again.


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