Metrics 2.0

January 4, 2005

yesterday i reassembled almost all of the pieces of my metrics manuscript back into a coherent whole. i’d let this go fallow. i released Metrics 1.3 more than a year ago. In August, the Masie Center offered to finish Metrics 2.0, which I had begun midyear. In November, they sheepishly answered my call and explained that they had done nothing at all and would not be able to.

my reassembly yesterday leaves some improvements undone:

  • The tough decisions stemming from metrics are the appropriate allocation of limited resources; the calculations are the easy part.
  • Good advice: Take a look at whatís already being done.
  • Collect anecdotes as well as numbers.
  • I wanted a cookbook of possible metrics or best practices.
  • customers as a value-added service

refocus on decision-making, not evaluation:

Business Decisions

This is where most managers of HR or learning get bogged down. Itís not formulaic. Decision-making has formal rules Ė things we cover such as probability, expected value, profit drivers, but thereís also the local culture, pleasing the boss, reading the tea leaves, piggybacking on inevitable big initiatives. At this level, one must understand the lingo and the models but also have the political savvy to make the case to the right people at the right time.

“Metrics” is the wrong title for what I’m writing. Jack Philips has written scores of books on measurement. Most of them, like Nasrudin looking for his keys, look backward because the numbers are easier to come by there. My focus is selling ideas to business management.


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