January 12, 2005

At the beginning of last week I couldn’t tell you what I do. Now I’m an author. I have one paid PR gig and as of today, a book contract. I plan to start the Clark Aldrich/Natalie Goldberg life. Exercise early in the day; write at least a couple of hours. Use power words. Become a better writer.

Last night I explained to the group that I wanted to write, maybe even poems, but that I had to make money, too. Verna offered that she wrote her first book when friends were telling her she needed to find a job. She declared bankruptcy. But she was free to write whatever she felt like.

Her knowledge complexity model came to her when she was ill. She awoke with the idea. Wrote it down. Went back to sleep. Got up again with a revision. This was 1993. Two years later, it became the centerpiece of her boook.

An author is also a reporter. I need to interview people, to crawl inside their heads. Who should be my guinea pigs for this? Jerry? Kevin? Clark?

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