Informal Learning Links

January 16, 2005

Guild Paper (Pulichino)

1. A brief overview of the importance of informal learning, and how it impacts organizational and employee cooperation:

2. A short list of topics concerning the linkage between formal and informal learning:

3. An article outlining the informal learning process, and how organizations can capture their informal learning process,

4. An exploration of informal learning concepts and theories, and the connection between education and informal learning, by Mark K. Smith:

5. Informal Learning: A Sound Investment, by Jay Cross:

6. The Power of Informal Learning, by Bob Mosher:

7. An online library catalog of informal learning resources and articles:

8. A report on informal learning among children, by Julian Stefton-Green:

9. Informal Learning Environments Research, a special interest group within the American Educational Research Association, focused on educational research on informal learning environments

10. Informal Workplace Learning, by David A. Cofer

Principles and Practice of Informal Education: Learning Through Life by Linda Deer Richardson and Mary Wolfe – editors (Routledge, 2001)

Advances in Developing Human Resources: Informal Learning on the Job by Victoria J. Marsick and Marie Volpe – editors (Berrett-Koehler, 2000)

Informal Learning in the Workplace: Unmasking Human Resource Development by John Garrick (Routledge, 1998)

Informal Teaching and Learning: A Study of Everyday Cognition in a Greek Community by Rosemary C. Henze (Lawrence Erlbaum, 1992)


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