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March 10, 2005

Q Innovation designs and develops innovative software-based work environments for organizations that are dispersed, mobile and virtual.

Q Innovation knowledge exchange software enables our clients to capture their knowledge capital, effectively organize and distribute it, assure that it is accurate and useful, and track its usage.

Our clients include the sales & marketing, customer service, training, creative media, IT and professional services organizations in multinational corporations, as well as large and mid-sized businesses, professional associations and local governments.

With the help of our clients, we are actively defining a new class of software to support the productivity of knowledge workers who need to analyze, research, consult, synthesize information and make complex decisions.

Many of our key innovations stem from Q Innovations’ guiding philosolphy: that knowledge exchange is fluid, collaborative and organic. Knowledge must flow, freely and directly from where it is, to where it is needed. A knowledge-based infrastructure must be able to flex and shift with the changing needs of the organization and its customers.

Our approach is to combine advanced theory with extensive practice. We have assembled a team of innovative, out-of-the-box thinkers with recognized expertise in multiple disciplines. We work with innovative client organizations to create knowledge exchange solutions.

We frequently use a rapid prototyping process to configure an initial solution and then iteratively focus and enhance the solution in response to user feedback. The process offers enough flexibility to get started and a practical way to shape the solution appropriately over time.

What is Knowledge Exchange Software?

The nature of work has changed, fundamentally. Most workers no longer perform predictable, repetitive, manual tasks. Rather, they are required to do things like research, analyze, assess, decide, recommend, organize and communicate. An organization’s success depends on the ability of its workers to transform relevant knowledge into appropriate action.
” The most important, and indeed the truly unique, contribution of management in the 20th century was the fifty-fold increase in the productivity of the MANUAL WORKER in manufacturing.

The most important contribution management needs to make in the 21st century is similarly to increase the productivity of KNOWLEDGE WORK and the KNOWLEDGE WORKER.”

Peter F. Drucker
Management Challenges for the 21st Century
Harper Business, 1999

Knowledge Exchange Software enhances productivity by offering a rich, online environment to support knowledge workers — the people in an organization who need to share ideas, research and analyze information, estimate cost and effort, assess risk and return, make complex decisions, consult with specialists, calibrate with stakeholders, give presentations and do all the other things that knowledge workers do. Knowledge workers comprise 40% of the U.S. workforce and a growing part of the workforce of all other developed countries.

As of this year, the majority of enterprise software remains transactional in nature; designed to automate clearly defined tasks and procedures. A new type of software is needed to support the more fuzzy nature of knowledge work. The new model involves the convergence of some existing technologies and some new ones. An imperative of systems based on this new model is that they have the capacity to be managed and controlled, fed and updated, focused and targeted by the people who use them.
” A distinctive characteristic of these systems is that they are designed to evolve in response to user input and a calculated assessment of usage patterns. They operate largely as self-maintaining and self-adapting systems, but are also amenable to some provider input and control.”

John Larson
Adaptive Systems: A Primer

Knowledge Exchange Software has three key characteristics. First, it is adaptive; it grows and changes through interaction with its users. Second, it is collaborative; it facilitates the kind of ongoing interaction, dialog and feedback that continuously improves results. Third, it is performance-centric; it can be configured according to the context and work specifics of the organization that uses it.

Unlike manual labor, knowledge work is, by nature, fluid and unpredictable. It cannot be centrally controlled nor adequately managed. It cannot be anticipated and automated. Knowledge work requires an environment where it can be supported, facilitated and nourished. An organization must trust its people to invent their own ways of working more efficiently, effectively and productively. Knowledge exchange software provides a collaborative, plugged-in environment where individuals thrive, and organizations flourish.
” Companies need employees to be creative, to work more effectively, to innovate, and to adapt quickly to change. Traditional organizational structures and procedures can hinder responsiveness.”

Deloitte Research
Collaborative Knowledge Networks

Organizations are gradually becoming less heirarchical and more organic. This trend is evidenced by flatter organizational structures, fewer levels of management, cross-functional teams, dotted-line reporting structures, empowered workers, virtual workplaces and countless other operational shifts. These shifts are intended to help organizations move from a manufacturing model where they operate like a well-oiled machine toward a knowledge-based model where they behave like a healthy organism.

Knowledge Exchange Software removes obstacles and helps knowledge workers increase their own productivity. It provides a superior, online environment for knowledge work that brings together guidance, best practices, tools, information, customer intelligence, industry expertise and other resources needed by knowledge workers on a day-to-day basis.

An effective knowledge exchange is sustained by the value it offers to those who use it. It enhances professional dialog, feedback and networking among workers within and across organizations. It helps develop direct connections between critical fuctions in the supply chain. It helps cross-pollenate talent and ideas while reducing reliance on intermediaries, making communication more timely, accurate and actionable. Its value increases over time, as it is used.

Knowledge Exchange Software leverages the collective intelligence of an organization, department or enterprise. It provide a key to unleash the tremendous potential of talented people by helping them work together, work smarter, and take advantage of all available resources to make better decisions and outperform competitors.
” Nobody is as smart as everybody.”

Tom Petzinger
The New Pioneers, Simon & Schuster, 1999

Work is changing, organizations are changing, and software must change as well. Q Innovation software provides an innovative online environment for knowledge exchange, collaboration, expertise sharing, workflow support and more.

Q Innovation offers a full complement of professional services to ensure that your knowledge-based solution effectively addresses your business needs; creating value for your enterprise operations.

Knowledge Strategy Analysis
An analysis of the present and future knowledge needs of your business, a clearly stated knowledge strategy, and a high-level roadmap to success.
more >

Knowledge Inventory Analysis
A comprehensive inventory and detailed description of your knowledge assets, how they are generated, maintained and who uses them.
more >

Knowledge Structure Development
An organizing structure for your knowledgebase, accurately reflecting your business environment and operations.
more >

Knowledge Processes Development
An operational model for sustainable success in leveraging knowledge for the benefit of your business, including job roles, tools and processes.
more >

Systems Integration
Seamlessly integrate your knowledgebase with the rest of your IT infrastructure including single sign-on, backoffice databases, and relevant business applications.
more >

Hosted Solutions
Begin using Qexchange or slideTHUMBS right away with a turn-key, hosted solution.
more >

Generate valuable content for your knowledge exchange. Transform proceedings from important teleconferences into web content for distribution to a wider audience.
more >


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