clark aldrich

March 12, 2005


First, my own bias is towards formal learning. That is because, with K-12,
higher-ed, gov, military, and corporations, it is an incredible important
and under-developed area. By the time I die I would like to have had a
positive impact on that area.

Having said that, I agree with you. I have often thought it would be fun to
blog all of the things I do every day/month/year to learn. I believe what
you are talking about it the equivelant of the “wellness” movement, in
contrast to/partnership with formal medicine.

My own model seems to be that of learn/do/present, ideally in three or four
year cycles (the George Plimtpon framework!). I did that with e-learning
broadly, with simulations, and now starting to delve into open-source
e-learning (I did that with basic business before that). But within that is
the day to day ranging from how to use a new application (I download new
things all of the time, just to see how the interface works), to choosing
and adopting new technology, to downloading or borrowing from the library
linear content in printed and audio form ( anyone?).

One can also look at all of the professional learner/presenters, such as
people who make movies and computer games (Will Wright mentioned that one of
his favorite parts about creating games was doing the research, and I think
that is probably true of all directors and writers as well) and see

To me it is interesting how many in the training and even education
industries are very, very bad learners, or at least constrain their learning
in a very narrow direction (i.e. reads a lot of books).

I would love to chat with you about this.


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