No boss, no center

March 29, 2005

each of us is alone in the universe
so is everyone else

e. e. cummings

The meme I’m exploring today is that there is no center. No ultimate authority. No boss. No hierarchy. We have workarounds to deal with the fiction that these things exist.

Scientists since Copernicus have assured us that the Earth travels around the Sun, but from my perspective, the Sun appears to travel around me. In fact, the entire universe feels as if it revolves around me. I’m at the center, looking out.

If everyone feels this way, there’s a problem. We isolate ourselves. If I’m defining my own reality, who the hell are you to butt in?


Better that we realize that we’re all in this together.


This translates down to this. The black box is simply a router, a facilitator of direct connections.


evolution of networks

learning models


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