ed & med from petere kaminski

April 7, 2005

On 4/6/05 12:24 PM, “Peter Kaminski” wrote:

It’s not so much that corporations control education or medicine.

American education and American medicine were systemized at the same time,
and very purposefully, by the same people, as industrial capitalism was.
Certain sets of principles and beliefs were chosen to codify and expand, and
any competing systems were deliberately wiped out.

American education and American medicine aren’t controlled by industrial
capitalism, they are industrial capitalism. Industrial capitalism controlled
the way these public issues were systemized, setting up the ground rules,
creating the playing field, and deciding how we keep score. We keep score in
two ways: public good (as measured by folks hired by capitalists) and
profit, how much money the capitalists make.

I don’t say this as a value judgement, just as a statement of historical
fact. If we understand better how we got here, maybe we can influence the
future more effectively to make things better for everyone.

There is a lot of good that comes from the industrial heritage, along with
some bad things.

Good things:

* systemized and standardized
* universally available (to more or less practical limits)
* proven effective by measurement and goal-oriented improvement

Bad things:

* reductionist instead of holistic
* mechanist instead of humanist
* monoculture – measurement is good for averages, but not individuals
or outlying groups
* goal-orientation is sensitive to who chooses the goals

So, I see good news from this look back. The systems we’ve got now are huge
and deeply integrated into our system of capitalism, but, they were not
instituted thousands of years ago and baked into our DNA. They’re not
immutable natural laws. They were catalyzed only a hundred years ago, by a
few people spending lots of John D. Rockefeller et al.’s money.

Those folks had a lot of leverage then because they were on the cusp of a
system change into industrial capitalism, but I think we’re in the middle of
the same sort of sea change as the world saw with the Industrial Revolution.
If you know your purpose, it’s a good time to act.

Additional reading material:
The Underground History of American Education

, by John Taylor Gatto Also
see the history tour

on the same site.
Rockefeller Medicine Men: Medicine and Capitalism in America, by E. Richard
Brown Rockefeller Medicine Men at Amazon

Full text of Rockefeller Medicine Men at the Soil And Health Library

Scanned images of Rockefeller Medicine Men at Dr. Rath Health Foundation

Mr. Gates’s Summer Vacation

, by Charles S. Bryan, MD
Focuses on Frederick T.Gates role in creating American medicine, check out
the chart labelled “Gates’s 10 Basal Facts about Medicine” The Drug Story

, by
Hans Ruesch About the Rockefeller drug empire. I can’t vouch for this
publisher, but the story is worth checking out. —


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