Instructional Design

April 16, 2005

IEEE, 2002

Instructional design is the process through which an educator determines the best teaching methods for specific learners in a specific context, attempting to obtain a specific goal. This reference guide is designed to help you apply sound principles of design to the creation of your courses. The overview presented here is based on the model developed by Walter Dick and Lou Carey, which provides a systematic, step-by-step approach to designing (and then improving) effective and objectives-based instruction. Keep in mind that the content is presented here in a linear manner, but there will always be movement between and among phases. Also, remember that not all of these phases may apply to your situation. Depending on your needs, you may work through this reference guide in a linear manner, using the Back and Next buttons on the left side of the screen, or you can click the phase and section that apply only to your current interests and requirements.

In other words, the student doesn’t find a path to knowledge; he does what the instructor pushes out.


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