July 24, 2005

Sunday. On Thursday, I was on the operating table for three hours undergoing a cardial ablation. That’s not what I’m thinking about. Part of the ablation involved boring a hole in a large vein in my groin. I spent Thursday night in the hospital keeping my leg still to help the wound heal itself. Friday evening the bandage began to come unattached. I began to bleed. By morning my underwear looked as it would had someone shot me in the thigh: the righthard side was soaked with blood. Saturday I applied a succession of bandages…and continued to bleed. In the evening I talked with the on-call cardiologist who told me to cut the anticoagulant drugs and apply pressure. This worked until I fell asleep and disturbed the wound; I awoke among bloodstains but soon had things back under control.

Today I am confined to bed. Leg is straight and immobile. Uta brings me food. I flashed on Stephen Hawking. Of course I’ve got a ways to go before I reach his state.

Pieces of the book are starting to fall into place. The ecosystem/bio/complexity metaphor holds up as an alternative model for learning. Adaptation to a rapidly changing, unpredictable world is the WIIFM of both business and individuals. Fit is the metric. Can we breed — in this case, produce?

The flow is:

  1. here’s what going on in your ecosystem(s)
  2. here are the consequences to your fitness
  3. figure out your WIFFM
  4. hints on what it takes to live a full life (stories)
  5. models to follow…

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