Getting the train back on the track

March 4, 2006

The Unworkshop CoP is not coming together. I fear the participants are but islands. Things need to be more transparent. A wiki is a discussion platform only if people use it. Probably a good idea to begin with a more traditional meeting place, e.g. a discussion board.

Some people have not bought in to the Unworkshop idea. They are looking for more top-down structure than they’re getting.

Folks are not availing themselves of the resources they’ve got. When they get lost, they don’t contact a guide…or each other.

FrappR is confusing and non-standard.

Some people are not familiar with the wiki.

No one has completed their homework assignments.

Dave Ferguson is the only person to have suggested anything substantive on the wiki.

No one has described their project on their blog.

No one has reported on touring websites with a partner.

We need to refine the questions on our survey form. Is someone diagrees that the content was just right, do they want more or less? Same deal on length.

I don’t understand why we’re getting little open-ended feedback. Perhaps those questions should come first, followed by the check-off ratings.

Some people could not read the slides — but didn’t speak up. What’s with that?

Another person doesn’t understand the content of the course.

Breeze glitches have been a distraction; not everyone need be a presenter.

Need a central meeting place.

People want a single place to meet.


———-I’m going to ponder my response to this. It will include firing up a real discussion board. Stressing that people must do their assignments. Have a central signup for buddy assignments. Clarify unworkshop end objectives. Offerr a tech walk-through for Monday evening. Put together a screenshow on using the wiki. Sharpen Breeze presenting skills. Set up personal feedback channels — I thought this would mainly be the coaching/ofice hours.

Ironically, I’m reviewing my book chapter on Communities of Practice now.

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