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May 14, 2006

Kevin Kelly has a great article entitled Scan This Book in today's NYT. 

 When the book singularity arrives, there will essentially be one book. Reading it will be a community process, for we will all be creating links and leaving "breadcrumbs of attention" as we read. 

On tags: A tag is a public annotation, like a keyword of category name, that is hung on a file, page, picture or song, enabling anyone to search for that file. Because tags are  user-generated, when they move to the realm of books, they will be assigned faster, range wider and serve better than out-of-dat schemes like the Dewy Decimal System, particularly in frontier or fringe areas like nanotechnology or body modification.  

 You may think you are just breowsing, casully inspecting this paragraph or that page, but in fact you are anonymously making up the Web with bread crumbs of attention.

 Link = relationship

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