informal learning core

May 16, 2006

beliefs and processes

1. learning is natural. get out of its way and let it happen.
2. learning is social. encourage conversation and networking.
3. learning is adapatation to one's ecosystems. it is a dynamic relationship.
4. learning involves skills one can improve.
5. authenticity trumps its facsimiles.
6. good learning comes from having good connections.
7. learning is spontaneous. so is rain. but you can seed a rain cloud…or learning

to others: know who, ease of access
to info: know where, perf support
pave the cow paths, bring trails
learning is a series of relationships

receiving node
nurturing relationships
listening skills, meta-learning, search, grok, frameworks, emotion, stability

sending node

audit, organization and individual

community, yeah, but…
strength of weak ties not just master and apprentice
seed groups
friendly nomenclature: helper nets

issue: mistakenly seeing only one connection. oversimplify. stereotype.

george siemens and i are close on lots of this but i don't think he's quite got it. learning is relationship-building and the relationships are dynamic. content is a snapshot in time, not something persistent.

i certainly agree that several substantial points of change that are reframing our society and processes of functioning:


  • The rise of the individual
  • The increased capacity for connections and connectivity
  • The breaking apart of content
  • The creation of user-controlled space
  • the stocks become flows. "powerpoint = tyranny"

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