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May 20, 2006

Christie, that's a great tale. I'll begin. ADDIE's military heritage is probably responsible for the fiction that design takes place in discrete steps:

ADDIE style
Closing a step before going to the next precludes going back to add new insights or fix mistakes. (It does make it easier to administer contracts.)

Real design is more like this, where one step informs another, backward as well as forward:

holistic design
ISD is akin to economics, where a fellow recently won a Nobel prize for the insight that people are not rational decision-makers, thereby invalidating a wide swath of the discipline. ISD downplays human aspects of real-world learning, things like emotions, preconceptions, the impact of noise in the environment, and the back-channels that transfer ideas sub rosa.

with feedback

These things draw me to informal learning as a moth to the flame. ADDIE and most ISD is reductionist; informal learning is open-ended. My model for informal learning, which I sometimes call natural learning, looks more like this:

What makes ADDIE so scary is its priesthood. They are fundamentalists. They pray to one God. She looks something like this:

It's science fiction.

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