May 23, 2006





Diagram from Group Magic: An Inquiry into Experiences of Collective Resonance (c) 2003 Renee A. Levi

Renee Levi's thesis focuses on collective resonance:

Collective resonance is, by my definition, a felt sense of energy, rhythm, or intuitive knowing that occurs in a group of human beings and positively affects the way they interact toward a common purpose. The word resonance means “re-sound,” which indicates a flow of vibration between two things, in this case two or more people. This study focuses on this aspect of group dynamics. Greater awareness and amplification of this level of connection between people and between groups and other, larger forces, I believe may help us find our way back to the knowledge and experience of our fundamental connections to one another and our environment and make greater progress toward our common human goals than we have been able to do using idea exchange and analytic problem-solving alone.

Collective resonance

• is felt in the body,
• contains movement and rhythm,
• involves emotion,
• is felt as a connection to others,
• involves a felt sense of movement of boundaries,
• is high energy,
• includes touch and close physical proximity,
• requires a shift out of the cognitive and intellectual domain,
• is felt as a connection to self,
• feels calm, grounded, and relaxed,
• feels like an altered state of consciousness,
• contains awareness of an energy field,
• is felt as a connection to spirit, and
• requires total presence.

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