Kevin Kelly, Jimmy Wales, David Weinberger…

June 6, 2006

Great ideas culled from mp3s listened to while walking this week. 

Kevin Kelly: The advance of science is deeper and deeper knowledge. Next mega-phase will be computers running multi-threaded sims instead of single-hypothesis experiments in the real world.

Jimmy Wales: Wikipedia runs on a community, shared values, people who know one another, folks who know whom to trust: not software. Most software is designed to protect the system from vicious users. It's as if you were running a steak restaurant. What if the diners were to stab one another with knives? Better put the tables in cages.

David Weinberger: There are two types of knowledge, implicit and explicit, and the implicit is gaining grown. We create our own worlds. The explicit is organized like a tree and it's primarily claim is what it has eliminated; the implicit is like a pile of leaves, the bigger the better, and you don't edit until you're taking things out. The standards for implicit are what's good enough (for explicit is was absolute truth.) You go into a beer for a hot day for a beer. You don't slam it down on the bar, saying it's not perfect. You drink it, saying it's not perfect but it's not bad. It's good enough. 

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